Career Counselling

To achieve success in life, two things are essential – right knowledge and right direction. A right advice to lead you on the right path is indispensable to achieve the destination. All your search ends here.

Ansh Educational Consultancy provides an extensive counselling in career for those who find themselves in dilemma regarding the choice of their careers. Contact us and our experts will guide you through various career streams and will help you to decide the best career opportunities. Tell us your areas of interests and a brief summary of your capabilities and we will draw inferences based on your aptitude.

We provide an extensive counselling on careers pertaining to Engineering, Medical, Management and various others. We run a comprehensible programme to guide students through their careers at every step. Vital decision are to be made after passing 10th, 12th and Graduation as these are the formative decisions which set the path of your life and career. A numerous options are made available to the students so that they can choose from the vast pool of careers.

What after 10th?

After passing out 10th, one can choose from the following list according to one’s capability, aptitude and ambitions:

  Careers in arts, commerce, science

  Career in Journalism

  Diploma in Engineering

  Diploma in Pharmacy

  Diploma in Food and Nutrition

  Diploma in Music

  Diploma in Dramatics

  Diploma in Poultry

  Diploma in Creative Writing

  Diploma in Theatre

  Diploma in Art and Craft

  Diploma in Nursing

  Diploma in Public Relations

  Diploma in Art and Animation Relations

  Diploma in Photography Relations

  Certified Course in Applied Statistics

What after 12th?

After passing out 12th, one can choose from the following list according to one’s capability, aptitude and ambitions:

 Graduation in arts, commerce, science

  Career in Army

  Career in Law

  Career in Accountancy

  Career in Engineering

  Career in Mass Communication and Journalism

  Career in Film Making

  Career in Acting and Theatre

  Career in Media

  Career in Call Centres

What after Graduation?

After passing out Graduation, one can choose from the following list according to one’s capability, aptitude and ambitions:









There are numerous other options too besides these. Consult us for getting more view on the career opportunities.

Job Prospectus of Engineering in India

Engineering studies are the foundation of all technological advancements. Nowadays, from vast industrial machines to agricultural equipments, consumer products and small kitchen gadgets, engineering science is involved.

Many streams in Engineering are available which one can choose according to the area of interest like Manufacturing, Production Engineering, Micro Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Communication, Software Engineering, Computer Science, etc. Our experts can guide you through various options and counsel you for the best choice of career.

A lot of students are joining engineering as there are numerous job opportunities in this sector. Engineering graduates can earn handsome packages even as a fresher as there is growing demand of engineers in IT and other sectors.

Job Prospectus of Medical in India

According to a recent survey, India has one doctor per one lakh people! It means this field has a vast scope for you. Being a doctor is a very reputed and prestigious job. Government jobs in this sector are easily available. Private sectors also pay a very handsome package for doctors and medical officers. Private practice can also be established along with the government job. You can also choose to set up your own hospital at some stage of your career.

You have great chances of going abroad as there is a vast demand of Indian doctors in America, Canada, England and many other countries. Besides these, you also have the option of working as a medical teacher in some big medical institute. This can earn you minimum of 10 lakhs per annum.

Job Prospectus of MBA in India

With growing number of Industries and IT companies, the scope of MBA is increasing day by day. A wide range of jobs are available in the industrial and corporate sector nowadays. After completing MBA, the door to this corporate sector is open to you forever. MBA is the first step in the ladder of success, which takes you to the topmost position.

Various Streams of MBA

There are various streams in MBA, which one can choose according to his/her area of interest – Finance, Human Resource, Marketing etc.
Those who have interest and knack in handling the financial matters can go for finance and hold the position of finance manager in a company.
Human Resource manager manages the man power of a company. One with the leadership qualities and good communication skills can opt for Human Resource as their trade in MBA.
Marketing trade offers the opportunity to manage the sales, advertisements and product promotions of a company. This is the most versatile role and has a lot of scope for progress.

Admission Counselling for MBBS